Premiership boast four of Europe's top ten earners

The Premiership boast four of Europe's top ten earners, it has been revealed.

David Beckham is back on top of football's rich list, according to a survey by France Football magazine. Beckham's move to LA Galaxy helped earn him a staggering £24.7million to reclaim top spot from Ronaldinho.

The former England skipper's base earnings of £2.8m have been boosted by income from endorsements and profit-sharing. It is estimated he will earn up to £128m during his five-year contract with Galaxy.

Jose Mourinho's golden handshake from Chelsea helped him top the manager's rich list for the third successive year, with £23.1m.

PLAYERS TOP 10: Beckham £24.7m; Ronaldinho £19.2m; Lionel Messi £18.3m; Cristiano Ronaldo £15.5m; Thierry Henry £13.4m; John Terry £11.08m; Michael Ballack £11m; Ronaldo £10.6m; Kaka £10.2m; Steven Gerrard £10m.

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