PLAY IT SHORT: Liverpool must act first in Suarez shocker; Liverpool best move for Richards; No Euro bonus can work for Chelsea players; Morrison must reject Man City

LIVERPOOL MUST ACT FIRST ON SUAREZYou hope Liverpool get on the front foot today and deliver Luis Suarez their own punishment after his moment of madness at Anfield.

You hope Liverpool get on the front foot today and deliver Luis Suarez their own punishment after his moment of madness at Anfield. General consensus among the media is that Liverpool would wait for the FA to rule on the incident. But given the words of Brendan Rodgers and Ian Ayre after they had reviewed Suarez's gnawing of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic's shoulder, you do get the feeling they'll beat the FA to the punch. There'll be calls for the Uruguayan to be sold, but it's difficult to see Liverpool going that far. After being burned by the Andy Carroll deal, FSG have made it clear they won't be shelling out huge money for new signings again and it's nigh on impossible to see how the Reds can attract a player of Suarez's calibre and influence as a replacement. They can quieten such calls by acting quickly and delivering an internal punishment to Suarez, in the process filling the vacuum, currently dominated by the media outrage, with positive publicity.

Spare a thought for Sue Black at Liverpool today. What an introduction! Sue was only appointed as new director of communications last week and will be the first point of contact for the world's media over the Luis Suarez incident. The way Liverpool quickly acted to shift her predecessor, Jen Chang, out of the club earlier this season does suggest Ian Ayre will be proactive today when it comes to dealing with Suarez.

Ravel Morrison has to stay in the south. At Birmingham City, under the guidance of Lee Clark, he's producing the sort of form that had Sir Alex Ferguson declaring him the best young player he'd seen at Manchester United since Paul Scholes. It's this form that has now attracted serious interest from Manchester City, which fancy luring the West Ham United midfielder back home. But after all the strides he's made on-loan at St Andrews, you hope Morrison and those around him keep their nerve and stay on the current course. A move to City, which will certainly be on the type of fat contract that has stalled the progress of so many of Morrison's ilk, will land him back among the elements that created so many problems while at United. Away from Manchester, you don't hear Clark complaining about the midfielder as United's coaching staff did so privately. Instead, he and West Ham have kept Morrison shielded from the media and the Geordie has likened him to Paul Gascoigne. The kid's come a long way in 12 months, it'd be crazy to go back.

While the complaints from Gary Neville and Roy Hodgson about the amount of foreigners in the Premier League are understandable, the example of Mikael Mandron should give the critics pause for thought. Given the French gold dust scattered over Newcastle United, the 18 year-old is the most unlikely of success stories from across the channel. Playing amateur football in Paris, he basically approached Sunderland for a chance two years ago and hasn't looked back. Whether it's Ged McNamee or Kevin Ball, whenever Sunderland coaches have spoken of the 6ft 3in striker, the first words usually centre around "attitude" and "work ethic". It's that approach that has seen Mandron make the first team bench in recent games and earn plans for a new contract. Yes, Premier League clubs are there to bring through the best local talent, but there must also be room for lads like Mandron to live the dream.

Sven Goran Eriksson has always rated Micah Richards at his best as a centre-half. That opinion surely came from Richards' first Manchester derby, when Eriksson was managing Manchester City. The Swede stuck Richards at centre-half and saw the then teen produce a performance that Paolo Maldini would've been proud of. He played Carlos Tevez off the Etihad pitch as City defeated Manchester United 1-0. Richards is now known as a right-back, where he feels most comfortable, but news that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers wants to sign him as Jamie Carragher's replacement should cheer the England international's supporters. Richards is a good right-back, but with the right coaching, can become great centre-half. He's close to Danny Sturridge, who will surely be an ally for Rodgers should he made his interest concrete over the summer.

So many within football have spoken of missing the family atmosphere we all enjoyed for the London Games' football tournament. But when it comes to the crunch, how serious are the authorities about making top-flight games family friendly? Kicking off the FA Cup final at 5:15pm is an insult to a community club like Wigan Athletic and organisers are rightly being criticised for it. Manchester City fans are in the same boat. By the final whistle, parents won't get their kids back home to the Northwest until 3am. Family football and a great day out for Latics fans has been sold out by the FA.

No win bonus, lads. Now we'll see the stuff of Chelsea's players. With no bonus due should they win the Europa League, it's a great test of the players' mettle and an even greater opportunity for this young team to strengthen the bond between themselves and Blues fans. If they can win the Europa League, all for simply the glory of the club and its supporters, what a great story that will be.

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